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wxEcAxis Class Reference

Describes an axis. More...

#include <ec_plot.h>

Public Member Functions

 wxEcAxis (double min=-10.0, double max=10.0, double step=2.0, wxColour colour=*wxRED, bool visible=true, bool showvalues=true)
 ~wxEcAxis ()
void Validate ()
void Recalibrate ()
void Reset ()

Public Attributes

double MinValue
double MaxValue
double StepValue
wxString Format
bool Visible
wxColour Colour
bool ShowValues
wxFont Font
int ArrowSize

Detailed Description

Describes an axis.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

wxEcAxis::wxEcAxis ( double  min = -10.0,
double  max = 10.0,
double  step = 2.0,
wxColour  colour = *wxRED,
bool  visible = true,
bool  showvalues = true 

The default constructor.

minThe lower limit of the axis.
maxThe upper limit of the axis.
stepThe interval between two graduations.
colourThe colour of the axis.
visibleThe visibility of the axis.
showvaluesThe visibility of the text of the axis.
Format, Font and ArrowSize is automatically defined ;
wxEcAxis::~wxEcAxis ( )

The default destructor.

Member Function Documentation

void wxEcAxis::Recalibrate ( )

Makes so that a reasonable number of graduations will be displayed.

void wxEcAxis::Reset ( )

Resets the MinValue, MaxValue and StepValue to their default value.

void wxEcAxis::Validate ( )

Corrects the axis to make it useful without generating unexpected bugs. The call is required when you define an axis from a user's input that you have not checked beforehand.

Member Data Documentation

int wxEcAxis::ArrowSize

The size of the arrow on the axis.

wxColour wxEcAxis::Colour

The colour of the axis.

wxFont wxEcAxis::Font

The font used to display the text.

wxString wxEcAxis::Format

The format used to display floating values as text.

double wxEcAxis::MaxValue

The maximal value of the axis.

double wxEcAxis::MinValue

The minimal value of the axis.

bool wxEcAxis::ShowValues

The visibility of the text of the axis.

double wxEcAxis::StepValue

The interval between two graduations.

bool wxEcAxis::Visible

The visibility of the axis (considered by wxEcPlot).

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